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  • 24% Drama
  • 14% Science-Fiction
  • 14% Action
  • 12% Adventure
  • 8% Thriller
  • 7% Mystery
  • 20% Others
Popcorn's Reviews
Watch 12 Monkeys Online Season 4 Episode 10
Excellent Ending, It was fantastic, Very well written. This was a great show and very good actors. :) :) :)
16 days ago
Watch 12 Monkeys Online Season 4 Episode 1
Love this show, Been waiting for season 4 to come out. You know this is based a true story. Ha Haa :)
a month ago
Watch Lifeline (2017) Online
Based on a True Story, LOL :)
a month ago
Watch Shadowhunters Online Season 1 Episode 10
@ bigjames, I use two different anti-virus programs. I use Trends Micro and Malware Bytes. To use them together, Malware Bytes has to be installed after Trends Micro. As soon as the Ransomware showed up, I rebooted the computer and the Anti-Virus program removed it.
2 months ago
Watch Shadowhunters Online Season 1 Episode 10
Found Ransomeware virus when I clicked on tnicolas post for in Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 10 , Thank god I have some excellent Virus protection
2 months ago
Watch Blue Bloods Online Season 8 Episode 22
So Jamie and his partner are getting married, I knew they were headed in this direction. This should make the next episode very Interesting.
2 months ago
Watch Lost in Space (2018) Online Season 1 Episode 10
WOW, Love this show, Ready for Season 2
3 months ago
Watch Krypton Online Season 1 Episode 4
The ending was excellent, I can not tell you about it, I don't want to spoil it for you but you have to watch this one.
3 months ago
Watch The Good Fight Online Season 2 Episode 6
@ Kyndryd, Well, We can dream about it. Too many of those in congress without any backbone.
3 months ago
Watch Collateral Online
Excellent murder mystery, So many twist to this and wish this was more than a 4 part series. Excellent actors too..
5 months ago
Watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Online
Based on a true story :)
5 months ago
Watch The Good Doctor Online Season 1 Episode 1
The show is off to a good start. One good thing that can come from this show is to point out that those with autism are capable of wonderful things and many in real life are able to surprise you with their gifts. Just because someone is different is not a reason to shun them and treat them any different than the rest of those in the so called normal world.
10 months ago
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